The sculptures above are all made out of two toolboxes, one green and one blue.
Row 1 Left O50/19,5 cm/pvc Top right O49/26,1 cm/steel Bottom right O54/21,8 cm/steel
Row 2 Left O44/44,4 cm/steel Center O48/29,1 cm/steel Right O37/24,1 cm/steel
Row 3 Top left O42/29 cm/pvc Bottom left O38/40,7 cm/steel Right O43/35,3 cm/steel
Row 4 Left O40/22,1 cm/steel Center O41/30,2 cm/steel and O51/20,4/steel Right O45/23 cm/steel

Row 1 Left O23/48,5 cm/pvc Center O11/26,9 cm/steel Right O13/25,6 cm/steel
Row 2 Left O12/35,7 cm/steel Center O22/45,4 cm/steel Right O14/33,4 cm/steel
Row 3 Left O23/48,5 cm/pvc Center O17/18,6 cm/steel Right O20/39 cm/steel
Row 4 Left O9/33,1 cm/steel Center O27/31,2 cm/cardboard Right O24/28,1 cm/steel
Row 5 Left O15/40,5 cm/plastic Center O8/13,2 cm/ceramics Right O10/23,4 cm/steel
Prices on request

Row 1 Left O3/70,1 cm/wood Center O4/39,3 cm/wood Right O5/44,0 cm/wood
Row 2 Left O6/40,7 cm/wood Center O7/51,2 cm/steel Right O8/9,1 cm/multiple